KYN Hemp Oil

  • A restorative everyday treatment that strengthens your hair to prevent breakage and stimulates the hair follicles to improve hair growth.

    The Hemp Oil is lightweight and versatile, it penetrates deeply into the hair shaft to deliver nutrients and hydration, and it can be used as a scalp or hair treatment, giving you teacher, healthier hair

  • The Hemp Oil is a versatile hair oil, you can apply it to wet or dry hair to deliver nutrients and tame frizz, giving you soft and shiny hair.

    You can also use it as a scalp treatment or pre-wash. Apply a few drops close to your scalp and massage it into your scalp with your fingertips. Either do this before bed or before washing with shampoo and conditioner.

  • Hemp seed oil - A hair growth stimulant and a strong moisturiser for your hair and scalp. Hemp seed oil nourishes and strengthens your hair to prevent breakage. It increases blood flow to the scalp which supports hair growth, and contains Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids, which are necessary in stimulating hair growth.

    Olive Oil - A natural conditioner full of Vitamin E and fatty acids for soft, silky hair. Vitamin E helps to fight free-radical damage caused by sunlight and pollution.

    Grape Seed Oil - Packed with vitamin E, linoleic acid, proteins and minerals that are necessary for healthy hair. Grape seed oil helps hair look shiny without feeling greasy and promotes healthy hair growth.

    Meadowfoam Seed Oil - Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, meadowfoam seed oil forms a protective coating on the hair, helping it retain moisture. Meadowfoam seed oil helps repair dry, damaged hair and also helps protect hair from UV rays.

    Cyclomethicone - Gives a silky, smooth feeling to your hair, helping to detangle and soften your hair. It is a volatile silicone, which means it evaporates and doesn’t leave a build up on your hair.

    Neem Leaf Extract - High in antioxidants, antiseptic and medicinal properties, neem oil protects your scalp from damage caused by free radicals. It has regenerative properties which help keep your scalp and hair healthy.

    Full Ingredients Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil, Limnanthes Alba Seed Oil, Cyclomethicone, Melia Azadirachta Leaf Extract, Coccinia Indica Fruit Extract, Fragrance.

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